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         315 kilometres from Bangkok, Trat is a small province which borders Cambodia, the Khao Banthat mountain range providing demarcation between the province and its neighbour.

Trat has over fifty large and small islands under its umbrella which features long white-sand beaches and amazing coral. Of particular interest to visitors are the islands Koh Chang and Koh Kuud.
Koh Chang is the focal point of Koh Chang National Marine Park in Trat province.
 Koh Chang is the largest of the 52 islands in Koh Chang National Marine Park and the second-largest island in Thailand. Most of the island is rainforest and it features a range of hills, the highest (Khao Jom Prasat) nearly 800 meters high. The result is a very dramatic landscape that acts as a backdrop for some excellent bays and beaches including Ao Klong, Hat Sai Khao and Ao Khlong Prao. 
The island is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer and a number of elephants.
The island and its vicinity are great places for snorkeling and diving. The best time to dive here is between November and April and the south of the island offers the best visibility. For more advanced divers there is a Thai warship that was sunk by the French in 1941. A number of excellent diving centers offering courses and guides are available on the island. Kayaking and sail boarding are also available on the island.
How to get there : There are buses leaving from Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) in Bangkok to Trat province throughout the day. Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get to Koh Chang is to take a Songtaew from Trat to Lean Ngop and from there take the ferry. The Songtaew trip will cost 50 Baht. There are also the buses that will drop you at the ferry pier but they only operate a few times a day in early morning.
Koh Kuud is the second-largest island in the Koh Chang National Marine Park (around 130 square kilomtres), furthest from the mainland, and certainly one of the nicest islands in the group. Koh Kuud offers some excellent views; coconut groves, rubber plantations, exquisite beaches, and it also has a number of beautiful waterfalls (3-tier Klong Jao of particular interest as is active all year round). Virtually all of Koh Kuud is unspoilt and what development there is has been well planned. The island has a number of excellent beaches on its west coast; Hap Tapho being probably the nicest, although Klong Yaikee beach, Tapo beach, Paol Bay, and Tadean Bay are also worthy of note. The waters around the island feature severl types of coral. 99% of the visitors who come to the island do so through an organised tour. As a result the island is not very well geared to receive independent travellers, although coming here alone is not impossible. The tours offer a number of options (three days / two nights, etc.) and usually include travel, food and accommodation. They usually involve trips to waterfalls and snorkelling trips as part of the package.
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