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Chiangmai Zoo Today
Monorail and service car more comfort, safety, savetime and you will get some knowledge the zoo guide.
Animals Presentation joyful, recreation, meet the lovely behavior of many wild animals.
Recreation and Activity Center in special events, very useful for everyone.
Children Zoo natural educational room for children and whole family.
Nakornping Walk Through Aviary relaxtion while walking and observing more than 800 birds in 2.5 acres.
Fresh Water Aquarium collection of rare fresh water fishes more than 60 species for learning the life of
Star Animals Elephant family, Hippopotamus, Zebra, Giraffe, Ostrich, many birds species, Cape fur seal,
Humboltd penguin, Malayan tapir, Serrow, Saruscrane, Fea’s barking deer indian rhinoceros and Koala.
Open Zoo You will meet Spotted deer, Hog deer, Barking deer, Brow Anther deer, Alpaca, Peacock which
more than 200 animals live with peacefully in the area 40 acres. You can walk through the Open Zoo on the
sky walkway for closing to the animals.
“Twillght Zoo”
Chiangmai Zoo offers visiturs and opportunity to visit the daytime and nocturnal animal collection just like so many other zoos around the world. In the year 2003 the govenment gave the zoo a budget with which to establish the Twilight zoo. This included building a 6,850 square metre open zoo. At the moment Chiangmai Zoo is considering an evening animal presentations show to entertain its visiturs

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