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attaya Dolphin World & Resort, The origin of the concept of an executive who loves tocreate. Happy to give visitors of all ages. Ages without interfering with nature. It is with this new concept had to do something other than a natural fact. By Garden of dolphins just swim back and relax and enjoy them to the people became a superstar in the water not very clever,daring to show the series. the challenge. And excitement fromThe first second to have the opportunity to raise their exposure. Close and detailed, with a gentle heart. the time has never been busy hunting for. Complete trainingto practice regularly.
The skilled actors known dolphin species in the water bottle (indo-pacific humpback dolphin) and dolphin species. Sign the Bat (Irrawaddy dolphin), the World Dolphin Hotel & Resort.
With tourists today. The cycle shown below.
Round 1 starts at 09.00 HRs. Round 3 began at 13.00 HRs.
Round 2 starts at 11:00 HRs. Round 4 begin at 15:00 HRs.
The fifth round began at 17.00 HRs. (last round).
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