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As the biggest Thai arts and cultural touristic site in Ayuthaya Province, Ayothaya Floating Market aims to dedicate this place for tourism along with Thai arts and culture preservation. Here, we educate visitors on Thai culture in Ayuthaya period such as clothes or beautiful architecture. You will experience uniqueness of Thai custom and tradition like games, performances, appliances and simple ways of living in the ancient era.
  Ayothaya Floating Market is the center of thai tourists as well as foreign ones so that you can enjoy genuine Thai atmostphere through the scenery. You can take a walk to enjoy various tasty food in the market along the very tong canal or opt for different shops in elegant Thai pavilions surrounding the floating market.We also provide shuttle boats from the piers in the market so you can experience transportation inthe past.
One distinctive point is we name all buildings and spaces after district names in the province in order to familiarize our guests with places in Ayuthaya and their famous souvinirs. We intend to mark Ayothaya Floating Market the preservative place for tourists to learn about original Thai way, to appreciate arts and culture in this warm land, Hopefully, our place will be for the next generations to realize the heritage which people in the past have fought for them to cherish for the future.
Ayothaya Floating Market is located in the same area of Ayothaya Elephant Village (next to Maheyong Temple). You will love elephant tour ride around the village or historical sites nearby.
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