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Amphawa Floating Overview
As many important rivers flow through the center of Thailand and the sea, they have affected central Thai lifestyle since long before recorded history. Previously, many central-Thai people built their communities by the rivers because they needed to use water in their daily life. The rivers are also a means of transportation. Nowadays, we can see and appreciate the remaining essence of old traditional Thai lifestyle at the canal floating markets at Amphawa district, Samut Songkhram Province.
Amphawa Floating Market is one of the famous attractions
of Samut Songkhram province and provides any activities
for travelers especially on weekends. A great way to start
your day is to make merit by giving alms, like many Thai
people do. In the early morning, just after sunrise, people
wake and prepare their offerings then wait for the monks.
The sun reflects from the water and makes the yellow robe
of the manks glow. On the still calm canal a boat slowly
moves along and stops by each house. The people will then
modestly add their precious offerings into the black
  After wards, to get an impression in the peace before the
time of market opening, let’s take a little walk around the
simple old style wooden houses and find something delicious
to eat for breakfast. When sun is a little higher and almost
reaches its zenith, many merchants and villagers gardually
paddle their boats containing various good along the canal.
Visitors can also catch a boat and, just like in the past,
visit a floating market place and experience the traditional
Thai lifestyle at Amphawa Floating Market.
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